Ole Scheeren, Colin Bosa, Lorne Segal

A visionary project years in the making

The partnership between Bosa Properties and Kingswood Properties draws on a long-standing relationship between two families built on shared values, with more than a hundred years of combined experience in property development, construction, and investment. To bring to life the vision of Fifteen Fifteen by Ole Scheeren, they have assembled a curated team of best-in-class collaborators, with architectural and interior design partner Ole Scheeren foremost among them. 

More than a century of combined experience in architecture, property development, and construction.

Ole Scheeren

Ole Scheeren
CCTV by Ole Scheeren

With Fifteen Fifteen, Scheeren proposes a groundbreaking architectural solution to the challenges of urban life, offering a bold new vision for vertical living in one of the world's greatest neighbourhoods: Coal Harbour, Vancouver.

Ole Scheeren

Ole Scheeren's projects around the world

Leading his own offices in Beijing, Hong Kong, London, and Berlin, Scheeren oversees projects around the world.
Interlace by Ole Scheeren
The Interlace, Photo by Iwan Baan
MahaNakhon by Ole Scheeren
MahaNakhon, Photo by Maxx Nikonov
DUO by Ole Scheeren
DUO, Photo by Iwan Baan
CCTV by Ole Scheeren
CCTV, By Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren © OMA Photo by Buro-OS

Bosa Properties

Colin Bosa
Cardero by Bosa Properties

For more than five decades Bosa Properties has earned a sterling reputation for hard work, fair dealings, and a pursuit of excellence, becoming one of Canada’s most respected property developers and builders. Few property developers can claim the same passion for the highest level of craftsmanship in every detail, executed by in-house construction teams.

Colin Bosa
“Our father ingrained in us the idea of doing things right the first time. That’s our upbringing, and that’s why constructing buildings properly is very important to us." 
Colin Bosa, CEO Bosa Properties 

Kingswood Properties

Lorne Segal
Redbridge by Kingswood Properties

Since 1946, the Segal family has led their personal and professional endeavours with unwavering passion—a desire to reinterpret the status quo, the typical, the expected. Kingswood Properties was established on the Segal family’s guiding principle of building and investing in quality over quantity. Preferring not to focus on mass-production projects, President Lorne Segal credits the pedigree of location and the calibre of design as key contributors to creating historic landmarks.

Lorne Segal
"This is a project I am really proud to be bringing to life as it meets my personal philosophy of quality over quantity."
Lorne Segal, CEO Kingswood Properties 
Sky Lounge

Born from an Idea of Three-Dimensional Living